Properly detailed & follow these types of steps👇

Stuff -Ashoke, daily news gele
way of measuring -50, fifty both sides will be equal
time-span 2yards

first of all, form several pleats since you can on your univers or making use of your hand, stick it on your brain, tie at the back of it and prepare the front pleats. secondly, think of the enthusiast side, independent from the actual as found on the video clip. place near the first pleats and add a lot more pleats but this time through the pleats comes ontop of one an additional as you variety your pleats be looking at to know if you should start the fan pleating as observed in the video, check out the video to fan pleating. When carried out twist the part backwards and flag it along with your office hooks. Watch it for the next part of the gele after that piece together your gele to your flavour and you are ready to go. Good luck to you personally.

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